Redbull Elektropedia: #1 in the invite game

The Redbull Elektropedia Awards always have the coolest invites. Last year they sent me a very shady Jan Becaus invitation. And now they’ve sent us a floppy disk? Who can play this stuff? Galileo?


Actually, their awards are something special as well. When we won the breakthrough award back in 2011 we got this awesome statue.


I tried playing it once thinking it would be a techno banger but I was pleasantly surprised by finding out that it was actually an Eddy Wally track
Anyway, they had me at ‘open bar’.

Love, Maarten

October 21, 2014

MUMBAI SCIENCE IS SHARING THE SECRET TO THEIR SUCCESS…And you won’t believe how they are doing it


We at Mumbai Science really love to share, you could almost call us socialists, so we have decided to share all our secrets. In the next few weeks we’re going to be teaching young potentials how to crack the code.
First up is a session at JIM Explore where we’re not only convincing kids to quit school but we’re also in the jury to decide who will open the BLACK ROOM on I LOVE TECHNO! Holy shit! You can still enter the competition here: CLICK

Check me out on TV live on TV!!

On November 8, before we open the yellow room on I love Techno,we’re helping out at Play and Produce in Ghent. The most important day for young producers and DJ’s in Belgium! Make sure to come on down and check out the amazing masterclasses by Dave Clark, Lefto, Paula Temple and many others. Don’t miss out and become the artist your parents have always feared you to be.

Love, Jonas


October 20, 2014 , ,

The wait is over!

The wait is over! Our album is out NOW!!

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June 23, 2014

Déjà Vu

Here’s the first single of our forthcoming album: Déjà Vu. Out on May 5th. We hope you have as much fun listening and dancing to it as we had making it! Enjoy!

April 27, 2014

Mumbai Science tapes – #24 – Anthology 1986 – 2007


To celebrate the second anniversary of our Mumbai Science tapes, we made a special mix for you! We even gave it a fancy name: The ‘Anthology tape’. Our personal, chronological journey through the history of dance music, featuring some of our favorite tracks from 1986 to 2007. Take a sneak peak into the origins of our inspiration and get to know what our forthcoming album will sound like!

1986: Hercules – 7 ways
1986: Adonis – No Way Back
1987: Phuture – Acid Tracks
1988: Bam Bam – Where’s your child
1989: Liaisons D. – Heart Beat
1990: DHS – The House of God
1990: Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
1991: Outlander – Vamp
1991: T99 – Anasthasia
1991: Human Resource – Dominator
1991: Robert Armani – Ambulance
1992: Cajmere – Percolator
1993: DJ Funk – House the groove
1994: Traxmen & Eric Martin – Hit it from the back
1994: Paul Johnson – Feel my M.F. Bass
1994: Plastikman – Spastik
1995: Thomas Bangalter – Outrun
1996: Daft Punk – rollin’ & scratchin’
1996: Armand Van Helden – the Funk Phenomena
1997: Jeff Mills – The Bells
1997: DJ Funk – Work that body
1997: DJ Deeon – Work this M.F.
1998: Miss kittin & The Hacker – Frank Sinatra
1999: Mr Oizo – flat beat
1999: Laurent Garnier – the sound of the big babou
1999: Chemical Brothers – hey boy hey girl
2000: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
2000: Daft Punk – One more time
2001: Samantha Fu – Theme from discotheque
2001: Felix da housecat – nicotine from the silverscreen
2001: Tiga and Zyntherius– Sunglasses at night
2001: Green Velvet – La La Land
2001: Vitalic – you prefer cocaine
2002: Sven Vath – Fire
2003: DK8 – Murder was the bass
2003: Tiga – Burning down (London’s burning)
2004: Miss Kittin – requiem for a hit
2005: Soulwax – Miserable Girl
2006: Goose – Bring it on
2007: Justice – Phantom part 2 (Soulwax remix)

March 27, 2014 ,

Mumbai Science tapes – #22 – January 2014

First mixtape of the new year! 2014 will be very special to us as we are releasing our debut album soon! We can’t wait to share it with you but for now you’ll have to do with our favorite tracks of the moment. Enjoy some great tunes by THE SUBS, Daniel Avery, Erol Alkan, catz n dogz and many others.

January 24, 2014 ,

Mumbai Science tapes – #21 – December 2013

Ho ho hoooo. Your favorite scientists have prepared the perfect soundtrack for your holly jolly Christmas. 55 minutes of dirty technovaganza that will bring your families together. Featuring tracks from none other than Jamie Jones, Light Year, BS1, Boys Noize, JoeFarr and many many others!

Happy holidays everyone!

December 24, 2013 ,

Mumbai log. Entry 003.

Day 14. Third week of the Mumbai Science album tests. Things are getting terribly out of control in the Mumbai lab. Jonas has been infected with lethal doses of Death-Brostep-Metal. Was forced to put him in quarantine. Attempting to treat him with pure liquid techno. Album tests postponed, focusing on his health for now. #pray4jonas

Photo 26-11-13 18 13 53

December 20, 2013 ,

Mumbai Log. Entry 002.

Day 7. Entering the second week of experimenting with the Mumbai Science album. So far, tests have not proven to be successful. Subjects remain unresponsive, even at high levels of bass. One test subject experienced the album as too commercial and died. Might have to increase the dose of weird shit to obtain desirable results.

Photo 26-11-13 18 15 44

December 13, 2013 ,

Mumbai Log. Entry 001.

Day 1. Reaching the final stages of generating our first album. Additional testing required before human consumption. Now proceeding to test the tracks on a sample of adorable lab rats. Mumbai lab is operational for the first trial runs. Test subjects will enter a 50-minute journey through the soundscapes of Mumbai Science. Start the tape.

Photo 26-11-13 18 16 39

December 4, 2013 ,